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Eye Teaming Problems

Eye teaming is the ability of the eyes to work together to point
directly at objects up close or far away. The coordinated
movement of both eyes inward is called convergence. Movement
of both eyes to look at something farther away is called

Convergence insufficiency is a common eye teaming problem.
This is the tendency for the eyes to drift outward rather than
point directly at an object or the words on a page. When the eyes
under converge, the eye teaming problem is called divergence

Eye teaming problems make it difficult to use both eyes together
without having to exert extra effort to maintain proper eye
alignment. This extra strain can make it harder to read and
work comfortably on near tasks like reading and writing.

Signs of eye teaming problems include:

l Headaches
l Blurred or double vision
l Difficulty concentrating
l Short attention span
l Closing or covering one eye while reading

Eye teaming problems, like convergence insufficiency and
divergence excess, can be treated with eyeglasses with prisms or
a program of eye exercise called vision therapy.
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